Carlos Corberán: ‘Being on a bench generates addiction’

He is one of those Spanish technicians called to give a lot to talk about in the coming years. At 26 he was already second coach of the Villarreal, on First division, and now with 38 he is the head of the Huddersfield Town, of the Championship English. Carlos Corberán Vallet (Valencia, April 7, 1983) was once a goalkeeper at the school of the Valencia, but he was always very clear that his future in football was more on the benches than under the sticks. He had plenty of talent and with work and dedication he has earned a place in the elite. Behind the Villarreal I’m going through Arabia Y Cyprus before reaching the Leeds United and finally land on Huddersfield. He talked about this and much more with Mundo Deportivo.

He ends his first season at Huddersfield achieving permanence. What balance do you make?

It has been a very demanding season. Last summer I joined a transition project at a club that wanted to start working with young people to stabilize it in the Championship.

What is Huddersfield Town like?

It is a family club. For me, working in England is a pleasure. At the infrastructure level, this country is a reference. Huddersfield’s experience in Premier (from 2017 to 2019) helped it grow a lot.

What is the current roadmap?

We work to establish the foundations of a philosophy and a style of play. The social mass of the club has the ambition to return to the Premier, but it is important to find a good balance between illusion and reality.

Is the Championship level higher than LaLiga Smartbank?

They are different championships. The English second division is not easy and neither is the Spanish one. The English environment generates a very physical and competitive league, with many games. And the impact of the arrival of technicians like Guardiola and Bielsa has made English football develop a lot. Now it is no longer just the classic round trip.

Being Bielsa’s assistant at Leeds United positioned me and gave me the option of reaching a Championship club

You were Bielsa’s assistant at Leeds United.

Marcelo is a person I had previously considered, and when I worked with him I understood why there was so much admiration for his figure. Having had the chance to spend two years on his ‘staff’ is something that one keeps and obviously I can only be grateful. Having worked with him is fortunate.

Were those two years the definitive springboard for your career?

When Marcelo arrived, Leeds were a sleeping giant. Being on their team, the fact that other clubs wanted to imitate what had happened in Leeds positioned me and gave me the option of joining a Championship club. Without that, I would hardly be in the Huddersfield.

Carlos Corberán, during his time as Bielsa’s assistant at Leeds United

What is a Corberán team like?

The first thing is to see the players you have to determine what you can play. I think that if a series of offensive game concepts are developed, a team can prevail with the ball. As for defending, the idea is to recover the ball in favorable conditions to once again have a very high attack volume. But then, despite having an idea, the course of the season and the players you work with make you have to propose nuances of it.

For example?

In Huddersfield it has happened to me that in winter the team lost its starting goalkeeper, and the change made the style of play completely change. It is not the same to have one who, when the ball arrives, gives continuity to the play to another who cannot. In the end, if you lead in playing in a way that is not suitable for the players you have, the probability of success is reduced.

How much does the previous plan matter and how much does interventionism during the game?

I would ask you: How much difference is there between the game that one imagines and what happens in reality? The good coach is the one capable of seeing what happens in a game and modifying it in favor and not against it.

If you lead in playing in a way that is not suitable for the players you have the probability of success is reduced

This season Huddersfield has been seen playing with three center-backs. What are the peculiarities of this system and why has it become fashionable lately?

There are coaches who out of three find greater security by feeling less exposed, but I think that in the end it depends on the number of elements with which they pressure you. There are teams that have been successful with that system, and sometimes we coaches look for cause-effect relationships in those cases.

Of the 24 hours a day, how many do you dedicate to football?

Too many, but not because I dedicate them but because I always find some need.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope he continues training because that is what I am most passionate about. It makes me suffer and enjoy. Being on a bench creates an addiction for you. Hopefully I can give my entire professional life to this sport.