Carles Puyol opens at the Bela Pádel Center in the hands of the champions

Nothing better than trying the tracks of the ‘Bela Pádel Center’ than organizing a match with the couple that won the first test of the World Pádel Tour in Madrid, Belasteguin and Sanyo. And is that Carles Puyol He has improved his paddle a lot since he received the advice of the number 1 in the world for 16 seasons and that this year he is proving to be in an enviable shape.

The ‘Bela Padel Center’ has 14 paddle tennis courts

Carles Puyol has traveled to Alicante to get to know the facilities that Belasteguin It has opened with 14 high quality paddle tennis courts, where you can choose between indoor or outdoor, single or double.

Puyi he will not be able to see his friend and teacher Belasteguin repeat the success of the debut in the WPT because yesterday the couple Bela-Sanyo I was defeated by Stupa Y Alejandro Ruiz after almost two hours of the game.

The idea of Belasteguin is to look for new venues to continue with your business club project