Carla Suárez: ‘My goal now is not to injure myself’

The Spanish tennis player Carla Suarez stated that since he returned to training, after recovering from his illness, his main objective is not to injure himself and “play some tournaments this year.”

The platform DAZN premiered the Suárez documentary ‘Undeterred’
, in which he reviewed the tennis player’s professional career since her inception in 2007 and the illness that forced her to move away from the tennis courts: “the greatest professional achievement is the tournament I won in Doha in 2016, “he stated.

Suárez exceeded the Hodgkin lymphoma who was diagnosed in 2020 and commented on how the process was: “I began to realize what was happening to me in June or July 2020. I was more tired than normal but did not give it much importance.” “I would send a lot of strength to a person who goes through something similar to mine. I think it is important to give visibility to this issue and for them to know that they can get out of a situation like this,” he stressed.

On his departure from The palms, the Canarian player revealed that the main reason was because she saw that “it was no longer evolving” and because “whether you like it or not, you end up playing or training with the same people.”

Marc Casabo, Suárez’s former coach stressed that the tennis player lived everything tennis to the fullest: “Any victory, any step forward, I felt from within with great enthusiasm.

The DAZN documentary, which has the participation of family, partner, friends and coaches, was released with a view to the return of Suárez to the clay of Roland Garros this Sunday, May 30. She will make her debut against American Sloane Stephens.

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