Cardassar’s ‘message’ to Atlético for the Super League

The Super league issued a statement at dawn, at the conclusion of the telematic meeting of the clubs that remain after the abandonment of the six English teams that made it up, announcing the continuity of the new competition with a reconfiguration of the project.

Spanish teams Real Madrid, Barcelona Y Atlético de Madrid and the Italians Juventus, Y AC Milan (the Inter it would also have dropped at the last minute) they maintain the proposal for a new European competition “because the current system does not work.”

During these days, the Atlético de Madrid has seen how some have censured his attitude, from club presidents like the Villarreal; to own groups of the rojiblanco team.

Now, one of this season’s rivals, the modest Cardassar Mallorcan who this same campaign received the rojiblanco team in his stadium, It’s Moleter, has sent a message as a result of what was experienced at that time. The Balearic team highlighted the importance of the validity of modest football, which would be in danger with the introduction of the Super League.

“For some one more game, for us, the most important game in our history,” said the Mallorcan club in a message on social networks. “#NoALaSuperliga in support of all the modest ones who fight for our dreams about green,” continued the Balearic team.