Cardassar is called ‘the fat man’ after losing his field due to the flood of 2018

Atlético de Madrid
already has a rival for the first phase of the Copa del Rey. It is about the very modest club EC. Cardassar, of the Islands
Balearics. The Mallorcan club, which is active in Third division, has taken the “fat” of the draw, as the club itself has been responsible for highlighting on social networks.

The miracle team of the draw of this phase has seen a small reward endorsed for the pride shown in these years. And is that the aurinegro team belongs to the town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, which some fans will remember from the terrible floods that hit the Mediterranean island in 2018.

The cold drop was especially fattened in this locality. Those images of Rafael Nadal, a professional tennis player, cleaning up local mud, they went around the world. And it is that the small town where the Athletic was one of the most affected. Those rains caused the death of 13 people and generated millions of euros in personal losses.

The rival of Athletic it was a club that suffered especially from this circumstance. “The water came from above, the torrent overflowed everything and threw the wall to the ground, entering the changing rooms.” With such terrifying words he remembered Jaume soler, then club president, how the overflow wiped out It’s Moleter, the field where the team played their games.

A few days ago the newspaper ABC picked up the story of overcoming this team, which lost its pitch, of artificial grass, in that tremendous episode. The Mallorcan group had to move for months until Artá Y Cala Millor to be able to play their matches.

The CE. Cardassar, from losing his field due to the floods suffered in Mallorca, to facing Atlético de Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

Not only was he left without a field, but also without the means to work, without balls, without boots, shirts, without facilities … On Wednesday he eliminated the Epila in the penalty shootout and this Monday he met the Athletic as a jackpot.

Now, the capacity of the modest stadium is 600 people but on account of the coronavirus crisis only 75% are allowed, although in the case of the arrival of the mattress club there will be a lot of expectation.

According to the newspaper ABC, the modest Balearic club had the help of Osasuna, for example, but also from the Balearic Football Federation (FFIB) with a check of 32,986 euros raised in a charity match. Besides, the RFEF donated 100,000 euros to those affected by that flood.

“It is one of the few regional football clubs that have been active since the 1920s, which explains the great territorial importance that football has in Sant Llorenç, the region of the east and on the island of Majorca in general ”, points out the club itself about itself. Without a doubt, the visit of Athletic It is one of the most brilliant episodes in the history of the Mallorcan club.