Caparrós, national idol in Armenia

The three consecutive victories of Armenia in the World Cup qualifying phase they have converted the Spanish Joaquin Caparrós into a national idol. The coach has managed to make the Armenians forget, even for a few moments, the painful defeat last year in the war of Nagorno Karabakh.

Caparros has understood the spirit of the Armenian people, “he told Efe Guevorg Ghazarian, journalist for Armenian public television.

In recent months, football is the only thing that has brought joy to the Armenian people. First, the Caucasian team was promoted to Division B of the Nations League and is now leader of Group F qualifying for Qatar 2022, in front of Germany. There is nothing like football to drown the sorrows.

The dream of the World Cup

Victory over Romania (3-2), with a comeback included, occupies the front pages of all the press today, but it is Caparros who focuses all eyes. Caparrós has won over the Armenians with his guerrilla character and his limitless passion, traits much to the taste of the Caucasus.

The coach, who was working in Seville when he was hired in March as coach, celebrated the victory last night with the local fans like just another Armenian. Those images went viral on social media.

Armenia It has never played a tournament of nations since independence, so the prospect of playing the World Cup has caused ecstasy in the country.

“Until September, when qualifying will resume, we are first. This is something very positive for the whole of Armenia. It’s something fantastic! ”, Alexandr Karapetián, forward of the Armenian national team, told Efe.

Karapetian, an experienced 33-year-old footballer, points out that “in soccer everything is possible”.

“Nobody expected North Macedonia to beat Germany in their stadium (2-1). I think we have options. We will do our best. We can be second, play the playoffs and get to the World Cup. It is our opportunity. Everyone in Armenia dreams of that, ”he explains.

The journalist also takes accounts. “Armenia has nine points. I am sure that we can beat North Macedonia twice and also win in Liechtenstein ”.

In other words, he adds, “we would have 18 points and the maximum we have achieved in our history is 17 points. If we add 18, that is a real aspiration to second place ”.

True to his style, the Andalusian coach told Efe at the time that group J “is complicated”, so the Armenian team will go “game by game”.

For now, the tactic works. Three games, three wins.