Candidates to coach Real Madrid

Real Madrid must look for a new coach after the goodbye of Zidane And the truth is that although he has denied that he has had contacts with other coaches to replace Zidane, he has already tested several men.


Allegri He is the favorite to be the new coach of Real Madrid and he is waiting for the white club, aware that Zidane could leave the club. However, in Italy they assure that their destiny will not be Real Madrid, if not Inter Milan or Juventus in Turin. Allegri is a coach who has always dreamed of for Real Madrid and now may be his moment.

Antonio Conte

The last to appear on the list of candidates to coach Real Madrid. His departure from Inter Milan, which became official yesterday, could have made him on that list. Conte He was very close to coaching Real Madrid when Solari was dismissed, but in the end, Zidane was the one who returned to the white club.


The German coach will leave the German team after the European Championship. He is a coach very much like Florentino Pérez who has already tested him on other occasions, but Löw he preferred to stay in the national team. Now, it may be time for me to go to Real Madrid.


The option of the house and the one that the fans like the most, but that does not mean that it is the one chosen by the club. At Real Madrid they do see him as a future coach of the first team, but they doubt whether to use that option now when there is going to be a revolution in the squad that can go well or badly. At Real Madrid there are many who understand that the best pairto Raul It would be taking a team that is already formed and established and not starting from scratch.