Candela Peña denounces death threats against her son

The actress Candela Peña He has turned to social networks, where he has more than 224 thousand followers, to report messages he has received from bullies who threaten his son with death.

“What about your son, I’m going to kill him” and “your son is going to die soon”, are some of the attacks that he wanted to show through “Instagram Stories”. “This shit of being human has carved me,” lamented the comedian.

It’s been a difficult few days for Candle. In his last appearance in ‘The resistance‘, he conveyed that he had lived “one of the worst days of my life.” “I had an anxiety attack, I was in bed today and I came, but I told my mother‘ I have to go, “he started.

The Catalan continued, “It hit me on the A-5 … there was a moment when at the level of the barracks I had to stop at the shoulders because I thought I was going to die, it had never happened to me in my life.” “And I have gotten into the alleys where people go to DJ in cars, well, they told me that this is done because I did not know, I have always had a house in Madrid, thank God …”, he explained.

“The fact is that I thought the bodysuit I was wearing was tightening me. I got out of the car, I took off my bodysuit, topless, cars passing and me dying… it was a very nice comedy scene. I was teat alive thinking it was the clothes, but no, the pressure was not from the bodysuit, “he said. Candle.