Canada’s controversial uniform to parade at the Tokyo Games

Great commotion has generated the Canadian delegation by unveiling the uniform that their athletes will wear during the closing parade of the Tokyo Olympic Games. And is that the clothing is, at least, original.

The Olympic Committee of the North American country and Hudson’s Bay, the official brand that dresses them, have opted for the ‘Canadian Tuxedo‘, Or Canadian tuxedo, to dress their athletes in one of the two parades of the next Olympic event.

As explained from the CAC, this particular uniform “celebrates inclusion and gender neutrality while capturing the youthful and celebratory feel of the closing ceremonies.”

It’s basically a denim jacket full of graffiti, patches and details in tribute to Canada, the city of Tokyo and the Games themselves, with flags, logos and messages everywhere.

The clothing, of course, has generated a stir in Twitter And it is that many users consider that so much modernity is an attack against good taste in an event of such magnitude, while others see the sympathy of the clothing as a touch of humor. What is clear is that he has not left anyone indifferent.

Canada’s uniform for the Games has not left anyone indifferent