Calleja: ‘The players have shown their professionalism’

The Alavés coach, Javi Calleja, acknowledged that, “despite the defeat” by the minimum in the Sevilla field (1-0), he is “very satisfied with the work of the whole team” because, even being saved, “the The players have shown professionalism and the attitude has been superb. “

Calleja explained in the press room that, “although the goal was achieved, no one has disconnected and that for a coach is something that is priceless”, so he goes on vacation “to rest a few days with the family to come back very motivated. “

The Complutense coach explained that goalkeeper Antonio Sivera “has been saddened by not playing throughout the year” and that is why “his calf has gone up”, which is why he had to be replaced by Fernando Pacheco midway through the second half.

Javi Calleja has not yet signed his renewal for Alavés, although he reiterated that the agreement with the club is a fact and “the signing process will not take more than a couple of days”, so he stressed that “the immediate future is to close planning aspects “because he is already” looking forward to next season. “