Calhanoglu and his ‘betrayal’: ‘I am not the first nor the last’

The Milan, which this season will again contest the Champions
League after seven years of absence, this summer it has lost two of its props at zero cost. Gianluigi
Donnarumma, defender of the ‘rossoneri’ goal during the last six years, signed this Wednesday with the Paris Saint-Germain until 2026 after not having reached an agreement with the club to extend his contract.

A case similar to that of Hakan
Calhanoglu, for which the Italian squad disbursed 23.3 million euros in 2017. The former del Bayer
Leverkusen, undisputed during his four seasons in the ranks of the seven-time European champion, did not renew and will change the ‘rossa’ band of Milan for the ‘azzurra’ of the Inter, with which he was linked until 2024 after ending his contract on June 30.

“I just wanted to do the best for my future”

A ‘betrayal’ that the fans ‘rossonera’ will not forgive. “The noise is made by the fans, for a player like that is normal. But I am neither the first nor the last. Many players have passed from Milan to Inter and vice versa. I just wanted to do the best for my future, with great respect for Milan. I have done many things for the club, but I have a new adventure ahead of me at Inter and I want to look forward. Pioli was the only one who wanted me at Milan, but he respected what I decided, ”said the Turkish international in an interview in‘DAZN‘.

Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Pirlo, Baggio …

And he is not without reason. In recent years, countless footballers have passed through the two Milan clubs. Zlatan
Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo
Nazario, Mario
Balotelli, Andrea
Pirlo, Leonardo
Bonucci, Clarence
Seedorf, Robert
Baggio, Hernan
Curly, Christian
Fri, Edgar
Davids, Patrick
Scallop, Antonio
Cassano… The list is endless, although only four of them (Pirlo, Seedorf, Fri Y Cassano) they did it as Calhanoglu, directly from one computer to another.

The signing of Calhanoglu, 27, became official on June 22, just 10 days after the vanishing of Christian
Eriksen during the Denmark-Finland of the Eurocup
2020. The Ottoman shares a position with the Dane, who underwent heart surgery and was implanted with a defibrillator that should prevent alterations in his heart rhythm. Something that would make it impossible for you to play in Italy
in case its installation is permanent.

Explain why you chose the number ’20’

“I have a lot of respect for Christian, we have the same role and I like him a lot. We are all waiting for him to give him a big hug ”, he said. Calhanoglu, who finally explained why he has opted for the number ‘20’ in this new stage: “I chose it because 10 + 10 = 20, not because of Recoba. I’ve always worn the ’10’, but here Lautaro has it, ”he reasoned.

Calhanoglui will wear the ’20’ at Inter after wearing the ’10’ at Milan