Cádiz virtually ties the stay in Granada

Cádiz virtually tied up the permanence in LaLiga Santander after beating by the minimum (0-1) at Nuevo Los Cármenes an exhausted Granada, still ‘hungover’ after their victory at the Camp Nou. Álvaro Cervera’s team, with 40 points, distances itself by ten from the relegation zone when there are only twelve left to play. On the other hand, the defeat conceded leaves Diego Martínez’s team on the ropes in their eagerness to return to play in European competition next season, since they are six points behind the seventh, Real Betis.

The start of the game was electric. In the first minute Negredo did not reach the ball by centimeters when he was alone in the small area and four minutes later Quini made Ledesma work with a long shot. That was the end of the offensive football of both teams, who competed in turnovers, so neither took the lead in the duel. Possibly it was due to the fatigue that the players accumulate at this point in the season and also due to the lack of coordination caused by the numerous variations that both coaches introduced with respect to the last match (seven at the premises and four at the visitors).

The panorama did not liven up until after half an hour when the possible 1-0 went to 0-1. In the 36th minute, after a corner kick, the ball passed through the area among a tangle of players until it reached Nehuén Pérez, who shot point-blank for Ledesma to shine by clearing it with one knee. Just three minutes later, a cross from Iza’s right was impeccably headed by Negredo. Aarón made a save, but the rejection returned to the forward, who gave it to Rubén Sobrino to score at will, in which it was his first goal with the yellow shirt. With a visitor advantage, it was halftime.

After passing through the changing rooms, Diego Martínez tried to revitalize his team by introducing Víctor Díaz and Kenedy, who were soon joined by Soldado and Luis Suárez. The presence of so many offensive players did not lead to an improvement for a visibly exhausted Granada (it was their 54th game of the season), which lost Kenedy due to injury and Soldier due to expulsion in the 87th minute (for angrily claiming a possible penalty from Jorge Molina) . Cádiz, in the end, thanks to its order in the field, ended up taking the three points that guarantee its presence next season in LaLiga Santander.

13 Aaron Escandell 1 J. Ledesma
two D. Foulquier twenty Iza
6 German 3 Fali
3 N. Pérez 46 ‘ 16 J. Cala
(16 Victor Diaz) fifteen Akapo
17 Quini 7 Salvi 65 ‘
19 Montoro (25 Jairo)
4 M. Gonalons two J. Jønsson
10 Doors 46 ‘ 6 Jose Mari 90 ‘
(24 Kenedy) (5 graceful)
twenty-one Y. Herrera 54 ‘ 14 Ivan Alejo 90 ‘
(9 R. Soldier) (24 F. Malbašić)
eleven D. Machís 64 ‘ 18 TO. Negredo 78 ‘
(7 Luis Suarez) (9 A. Lozano)
2. 3 Jorge Molina twenty-one Ruben Nephew

Goals:(0-1) Rubén Sobrino (39 ‘)

Cards:L Luis Suárez (66 ‘), M. Gonalons (71’), Á. Negredo (74 ‘), Rubén Sobrino (75’), Quini (77 ‘), R. Soldado (87’), Montoro (88 ‘), Aarón Escandell (92’)L R. Soldier (87 ‘)

Referee: Díaz de Mera Escuderos (C. Castellano-manchego)

Spectators: Behind closed doors in the Nuevo Los Cármenes

THE BEST The virtual salvation of Cádiz
WORST Granada’s step back in the race for Europe