Cádiz returns to the lead

Cádiz returned to the lead with a victory in Soria, materialized in the last stretch of the match with a goal from central Juan Cata and when he played with one less player by expulsion from Perea, against a Numancia who also had his chances in the second half to take the party.

Numancia, who broke Cádiz’s undefeated condition in their stadium in the first round (2-4), came to this match in Los Pajaritos with the need to add a victory against the category leader, after four days without doing so. , who have condemned him to look closely at the drop stations.

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And in the first minutes a gripped Numancia was seen, overtaken by Cádiz, who soon took the lead on the scoreboard, thanks to a move by Nano Mesa, who sat the central Derik, on the side of the large area, and gave way back for the arrival of José Marí, who beat Dani Barrio with a sharp shot (min. 13)

Cádiz was able to increase their advantage with a past cross from Espino from the left, who gave in to a corner kick, at the far post, the central Castellano (min. 15).

An isolated move by Curro, who controlled inside the area and stirred to kick against the departure of David Gil (min. 22), was a turning point in Numancia, who took a step forward, to approach with greater continuity and danger to the cadista goal.

But it would be Higinio, in a rush, who would provoke with a break in the area, the clear penalty committed by the central Cala. The Numantino striker would assume the responsibility of throwing the maximum penalty but would be stopped by an advance Dani Gil. In the repetition, Curro did not forgive, deceiving the visiting goal (min. 36).

After going through the locker room, Numancia came out with better pronouncements than at the start of the match, against a Cádiz that did not close a counterattack by Curro and Iván Calero, whose center behind, from the baseline, repelled at the near post David Gil (min. 49).

Numancia were able to overcome the match on a corner kick, in which goalkeeper David Gil did not measure well and the shot at the far post by Erik Morán was taken at the goal line by José Marí (min. 56).

And Cádiz had two opportunities to take advantage: one against which the newly incorporated Choco Lozano could not finish (min. 60), and a shot to the post of Perea (min. 70).

And he managed to break the equalizer, already with one less player, in a header by Juan Cala, in the 89th minute, after an indirect free kick. But Numancia had his back turned again in another shot by Sola, who went to the post (min. 91), already at the discount.