Cádiz puts Valladolid in more problems

The days go by and the calendar narrows. Also the descent, and the draw that Real Valladolid added this afternoon against Cádiz knows very little for the Blanquivioletas. It does not help them to get out of the burn and, as they did, it is possible that it will do them more damage than expected. And it is that with very little Cádiz took a point from Zorrilla and gave the feeling that, with one more march, he would have taken all three.

Óscar Plano opened the scoring in the opening bars and Cala, in the second half, took advantage of the general downturn of the locals to put the tie. From then on, the game was a wish and I can’t, it ended in 90 ‘with very long faces.

Unbalanced balance

Both teams jumped onto the José Zorrilla pitch, obviously, but the only one that showed a pulse was Valladolid. Cádiz, at least during the first 45 minutes, was a scattered yellow spot on the green that entrusted everything to Ledesma, its goalkeeper. Even so, it is no less true to point out that the team that Cervera designed was plagued with changes. And it showed. The Andalusian is a group that sees salvation very close, so they can afford those luxuries and that they are forgiven.

So, from the first moment, Sergio’s men took the ball and through the combination created the chances. Weissman had the clearest in the 11 ‘and only two minutes later, he served 1-0 to Óscar Plano, who resolved well against the visiting goalkeeper. With the wind in their favor, Real Valladolid wanted more, because this season they have paid dearly for their miserliness. He looked for it, but ran into Ledesma and the lack of precision, two constants that accompanied him until the break.

Action Reaction

In the second half, Cádiz reacted without making much noise. His strategy was to press and only with his mere presence in the opposite field, he made Sergio’s men tremble. Surfing the descent is only suitable for warm boots and of those Real Valladolid is missing more than one and more than two. The visitors chained a series of corner kicks and did not stop until the goal arrived. The ball fell to the most sensitive area, the small one, and Cala was quick to unsheathe his leg and tie the game. A goal that the Andalusian team deserved but that also unprotected the very lost Castilian from the second 45 minutes.

With the draw, Cádiz continued to dig into Valladolid’s nerves and the feeling was that, if he blew a little more, he could collapse the straw defense. He did not do it and Valladolid ended up adding a point that none of his breaks fixes. The season is over and if Cádiz already has practically all the duties done, Valladolid has to sink their elbows a lot.

13 Robert 1 J. Ledesma
two L. Pérez fifteen Akapo
24 Joaquin 4 Marcos Mauro
fifteen J. El Yamiq 16 J. Cala
25 L. Olaza 22 Pacha Espino 58 ‘
10 Oscar Plano (twenty Iza)
twenty-one Michel 67 ‘ 5 Garrido 88 ‘
(17 Roque Mesa) (6 Jose Mari)
14 Ruben Alcaraz 17 A. Fernandez 58 ‘
12 F. Orellana 79 ‘ (3 Fali)
(3 K. Kodro) 14 Ivan Alejo 88 ‘
9 S. Weissman 79 ‘ (18 TO. Negredo)
(2. 3 Waldo) eleven Pombo 59 ‘
16 Marcos André 67 ‘ (twenty-one Ruben Nephew)
(7 Sergi Guardiola) 24 F. Malbašić
9 A. Lozano

Goals:(1-0) Óscar Plano (14 ‘), (1-1) J. Cala (64’)

Cards:L Pacha Espino (27 ‘), Fali (60’), Rubén Alcaraz (81 ‘), Iván Alejo (83’)L

Referee: Alberola Rojas J.

Spectators: Behind closed doors at the Municipal José Zorrilla

THE BEST The feeling of tranquility that Cádiz transmits
WORST The bad image of Valladolid in the second half