C. Tangana, to Eurovision 2022? The message that has revolutionized Twitter

No surprises: Spain skidded back into Eurovision. The proposal of Blas Cantó in Rotterdam he failed to convince either the professional jury or the spectators, who only gave him 6 points and sent him up to 24th place in the final ranking, just ahead of Germany and the United Kingdom.

In the last 5 years, Spain has not managed to pass 22nd place. However different the proposal sent from the peninsula may be, no representative has managed to lead the Iberian country to Eurovision glory.

Despite this, Spain is a country with a long tradition in the musical contest. Without going any further, four million viewers followed, without losing detail, the Eurovision Song Contest which aired this Saturday, May 22 on TVE.

Maneskin celebrating Italy’s victory in Eurovision 2021

After 00 at night, and after knowing all the votes, Italy, at the hand of Maneskin, was proclaimed winner of the 65th edition of the contest. So in 2022, the festival will travel to the Alpine country. The different delegations can now start working to bring their best proposals to Italy.

What many Spanish fans did not expect is the message that Alizzz, producer of C. TanganaHe wrote on Twitter after the end of the win and that he has managed to revolutionize all Eurofans in this country.

“If you want, next year we win Eurovision”, He made clear in his official account, referring to sending a proposal to Italy with C. Tangana as representative of Spain.

As expected, the fans of the festival and those of the singer himself went crazy retweeting the message and wishing that what Alizzz said was fulfilled.