Butragueño: ‘It’s a penalty; we have not had luck again with Hernández Hernández ‘

The director of institutional relations of the Real Madrid, Emilio Butragueño, was in charge of giving the diplomatic vision of the Real Madrid of the white team after the derby and, regarding the refereeing controversy, it was more than clear.

“It’s a penalty. It has been decisive. The process is correct, the VAR asks you to go and review it and the referee decides that it is not a penalty. Again we have not had any luck with Hernandez
Hernandez”, Hinting that the Whites have the Canarian referee among their‘ worst enemies ’in the world of football. The white manager, before the microphones, was very forceful as did white players like Benzema or Casemiro who assured that “they do not understand what the protocol is to whistle hands or not within the area.”

As for the match, Butragueño assured that, in the last thirty minutes, Madrid played a “sensational” game that, “if it weren’t for Oblak,” could have been our victory, “he said.