Bustamante’s shocking physical change: he lost 26 kilos in record time

David Bustamante has gone this Thursday to ‘El Hormiguero’ where he revealed his shocking weight loss: He has lost 26 kilos in record time! The singer confessed that he had gained 8 kilos during confinement and that food has always been an “enemy” in his life. “I had a bad relationship with foodHe used it as a reward and then he punished me for eating it, ”he explained last year on his Instagram profile.

The singer does not skip a single workout.

However, since the beginning of 2021 it has been trying to remedy this problem and is focusing on sports and eating well, which has lost 26 kilos in just a few months. Doing weights, functional circuits, running on the treadmill or long paddle tennis matches with friends have been his best tools for this incredible change.

In the program presented by Pablo Motos, he explained that there are no miracles or secrets for his transformation and that he has decided to change his physique to feel better and not only for aesthetics: “We all have mirrors and they don’t need to tell us if we are fat or thin. , you have to say: ‘how are you, how do you feel? (…) It’s a question of health and well-being ”.