Busquets would shoot a penalty against Italy again: ‘I have full confidence’

Busquets, captain of the Spanish team, passed this Sunday by the microphones of ‘The
Great game
COPE’And spoke about the news of La Roja just over 24 hours before the first semifinal of the Eurocup
2020, in which Spain you will see the faces with the Italy from Robert
Mancini (Wembley, 9:00 p.m.).

Despite the extra time and penalties against Swiss, Busi assured that they were able to see the ‘Azzurra’ match before the Belgium from Robert
Martinez: “There were colleagues who stayed in doping and we saw it in the locker room. It was the best team in the group stage. They suffered in eighth-ante Austria– but they were better than a great team like Belgium in the quarterfinals ”, he said about the next Spanish rival, who has accumulated 32 consecutive games without losing defeat.

Italy was the best team in the group stage

The midfielder of FC
Barcelona he shunned the role of favorite: “I don’t like that of favorite. It’s at 50-50. If they want, they can be favorites, ”he said.

About this Spanish team, one of the great surprises of the tournament, Busquets He stressed that “it is a team that has undergone a reconstruction. We are a young team and we believe in ourselves, in the coach and in the idea that he carries out. It is what has brought us here and what has given us results. The best you have? The illusion and the desire to overcome everything ”, he stressed.

The Busi captain

Captain for the absence of Sergio
Bouquets in the convocation of Lewis
Enrique, the midfielder said it was “very intimate with my private life, but totally different from what it might be inside with the role of captain and being one of the players with the most experience. I try to always be the first in everything, to be there for whatever my colleagues need, to transmit what is necessary at all times, “he said. Busquets, who did not want to rule out a possible return of the camero to the National Team: “It depends on the coach, he has always been clear. Age has never mattered to him. He has taken Albiol, Jesús Navas … He rewards performance. I believe that the doors are open for all the players who are in a good moment ”.

Ramos? The doors of the National Team are open to all players who are in a good moment

He also spoke of the possibility of surpassing Xavi and Iniesta as the Barça player with the most caps with Spain: “They are big words. It is clear that now I am not aware of everything, but the same has happened to me in my club … They are incredible data. Hopefully the minimum is two, a sign that we are going to play the final. I am of an age and I want to go step by step, season by season. I am focused on this European Championship, in October we have a Nations League that we are very excited about … I want to be well and enjoy it ”, he declared.

The one of Badia, named best player of the match against Slovakia Y Croatia, missed the first penalty of the penalty shoot-out against Swiss: “I threw one in the Confederations Cup in Brazil. I wanted to shoot first and the coach said so too. We rehearse it, I’m confident … I adjusted too much but I’m confident and I shoot penalties well, ”he said confidently.

I would shoot again in the semifinals

Asked if he would throw a maximum penalty before Italy, Busquets He was blunt: “Yes, yes. Sure. If I’m playing and the coach decides so … I have full confidence, “he snapped.

Busquets crashed his penalty against Switzerland on the left post