Busquets’ wife opens the trunk of unpublished memories to congratulate Antonela

The Messi-Roccuzzo they are celebrating. And is that Antonela birthday this friday Exactly 33, the same as Christ. Although the first to congratulate her has not been her husband (in social networks we mean), but one of her most unconditional friends: Elena Galera placeholder image
, Sergio Busquets’s wife.

“What can I tell you not to know, so many moments … always the same feeling …I love you and I want to have you by my side always. Happy return to the sun, friend ”, the Catalan wrote next to a tender photograph in which they hug.

However, it has not been the only one. Galera has opened the trunk of memories and wanted to share some unpublished photographs up to now. The first of these dates back to 2013, the beginnings of their friendship, in the stands of a football stadium cheering for their partners.

Elena and Antonela have forged over the years in Barcelona a solid friendship. In fact, there have been countless occasions on which they have been seen enjoying plans together: zoo or snow evenings with their children, lunches or shopping afternoons.

Antonela Roccuzzo, Elena Galera, Daniela Semaan and Sofía Balbi at the party.

They even had a business project in common also together with Sofía Balbi, Luis Suárez’s wife. Sarkany, a shoe firm that was not very successful and whose store in Barcelona had to be finally closed.

Elena Galera shares the meeting of the Barça WAGs
Elena Galera shares the meeting of the Barça WAGs