Burgos quotes Messi and sees Atlético champion

There is German Burgos, ready to answer your first head coach question at your number one press conference. Why did you choose Newell’s? Is the query. And the return of the Monkey arrives: “For its history, for Bielsa, for Martino, for the history of very good players who passed through here, for Maradona, for Messi …”.

Leo appeared in the speech of Diego Simeone’s former assistant, but Spanish football was also leaked, an issue that triggered a ruling on the definition of the championship: “I see Atlético as the favorite without any doubt to win the League. He made a first round of the champion team. By history, Madrid and Barcelona are going to compete, but Atlético has the points and the team to be champion ”. Of course, El Mono did not refer to Atlético’s elimination from the Champions League because “I didn’t see the game. We were starting the second training shift here ”.

Burgos He praised his collaborators who traveled with him from Spain: “Armando De la Morena worked for Atlético de Madrid for 17 years. He is a great player trainer. Lucas Hernández, Morata, Koke, passed by Armando. And the teacher Angel Puebla was in Madrid for a long time. He was with Cúper, with Rafa Benítez. He’s a globetrotter. It passed through China and Turkey. They are people with a lot of experience, trained to solve situations ”.

Also the brand new coach of the team that Messi loves recalled: “I made my debut as a footballer at Newell’s Stadium. That day we lost to Ferro, but we were saved from relegation. One circle closes and another opens”. And he highlighted the qualities of the Bella Vista training complex: “This Olympic village is European. I’m not exaggerating. This is Europe. It’s one of the things that tempted me to come here, in addition to the players on the squad ”. There he specified: “Having Maxi Rodríguez is wonderful.”

We will have to wait until this Friday, until the debut against Unión, to know how the team will play. Burgos. It is presumed that he will seek to be offensive and intense because of a phrase he left: “They are going to see the team prepared for a final. We will try to be brave in every game we play ”. He did not want to give clues about names or tactical drawing. It was hiding. He only said: “We are prepared to play with two systems. From there draw your conclusions hahaha ”.

How did you define your style? Burgos replied: “The styles on paper hold everything. Then they are in the players. You have to focus on what’s on the team and make it play according to your needs. You always have to adapt to the style of the footballers ”. He accepted that “Bielsa sure is within my methodology, but I do not want to name one”.

The Monkey wants Newell’s get players back out of their minor divisions. That is why he was observing the practice of the fourth division. He said that 10 players per day of lower categories will train with the First.

How much will be seen of that histrionic Burgos who is already known now that he will be the main coach? El Mono did not elaborate, but he did respond in his style: “They will see us smile after winning.”