Burgos does not lose, but depends on the clubs

Sure more than once German Burgos In his time as an archer he ended up thanking the clubs that saved him when he seemed defeated. Surely now, in his second game as head coach, Monkey will have felt something similar. Is that his Newell’s suffered more than much in TucumanHe needed help from the sticks and only at the end did he end up rescuing a draw with certain miraculous features.

Can not win, but does not lose the former assistant Cholo Simeone. Nor can he complain about his link with chance in his first steps in Argentine soccer. It is that not only the clubs acted as ideal accomplices. Also in the first goal of his team there was a deflection in a rival that was key so that Franco Negri’s shot from outside ended within the goal of Cristian Lucchetti.

The Newell’s from Burgos had debuted at home with a 0-0 against Union. Now it was 2-2 with Atlético Tucumán, as a visitor. El Mono had said in the previous one: “We are preparing for the bombing.” He was referring to the air attacks that people from Tucumán often repeat. After the game, he returned to that focus: “The truth is that it was a difficult game. Atlético subjected us to a bombardment. We are improving. We are a team that is getting tough ”.

As if emulating Simeone And his more conservative proposals, Burgos drew Newell’s with a cautious 5-4-1, designed so that he would not be surprised and to counterattack, but without suddenness or speed. The 1-0 carom was already an exaggeration for the result.

However, the worst moment for the Burgos team was the second half, when they fell back even further. There Atlético Tucumán turned it around, scoring two goals, the second through the airway so feared by Mono. In addition, the locals shook the sticks of the arch of Alan Aguerre with shots from Ramiro Carrera. Yes, it was a bombing …

If the initial formation had not given Burgos results, the opposite happened with the changes that he rehearsed with the 1-1 game. There were two modifications that influenced the game. It included two experienced, first a Mauro Formica (32 years) to have more the ball and later to Ignacio Scocco (35) to achieve greater depth. Still the defeat seemed inevitable. Even Scocco tried to execute an Olympic corner, the goalkeeper returned it as best he could and Cristian Lema, a defender who usually scores goals, turned and nailed the miraculous draw.

“We have to generate the rigidity and solidity of a team that is playing finals and then let go of the game. Sometimes I see a bit the idea of ​​arriving with a lot of people within the area. This is what we are going to keep trying. We are ordered, but sometimes you have to get out of order to attack. It is what we are looking for ”, explained Burgos. He also remarked that “Newell’s it does not worry me; it occupies me ”, although he accepted that“ the road will be hard ”.

Newell’s, who has not yet won in 2021, is the penultimate march in Zone 2 of the Professional League Cup. He has 3 points in 7 dates, for three draws and four defeats. An example of all that it costs him is that Atlético Tucumán, the rival against whom he rescued this suffered equality, is before the last with 6 units … El Mono is right. The mission will not be easy.