Bryan Bugarín, the Oliver Atom of Celta de LaLiga Promises

When a child is 12 years old it is too risky to venture to predict that he will become a professional footballer. There are hundreds of examples of football prodigies that were lost along the way, sometimes because it is not enough to kick the ball in the best possible way, but rather mental aspects are needed to guarantee the correct process to the desired goal. But at the same time, it is undeniable that there are some who have a star and give off a special something that indicates that, if they do not twist much along the way, they will go very far.

Bryan Bugarin is one of those. The number 10 of the Celta’s alevín who has disputed the XXX edition of the LaLiga Promises Tournament
Santander on the Pamesa Ceramic City of Vila-real He has emerged as a great little genius with more than enough wickers to be singled out as a good footballer project. Top scorer of the championship with 9 goals and at the same time ‘MVP’ of a tournament in which more than 200 children have participated, Bryan has left in everyone who has seen the games of the Celtic these days the obligation to remember this name for what may happen in the coming years.

From his prodigious left leg has come most of the football that has led to Celtic until the semifinals in which he was felled by the Seville. Always in the right place without the ball and showing football magic when he came into contact with it, Bryan has emerged as the leader of an attractive and fun team that has been one of the most liked throughout the tournament with the champion Barça.

From the quarry of the Celtic they are very clear that the boy is special. Because the category to which he belongs by age is the juvenile, but he already plays with the blue child, with boys two years older than him, as a method to accelerate his development and fight against possible stagnation. And far from accusing this circumstance, Bryan It stands out in the matches that it disputes in the Galician territory.

On the other hand, in a way it can be said that the Bryan it goes in the blood. Or at least that in the house in which he has grown up he has breakfast a type of cereals enriched with football vitamins. Because his brother Erik, 2003 vintage and therefore six years older than him, is in the Wolverhampton English, where it came from Celtic It has been two years now, being an emerging forward very much to consider in the short-term future.

Bryan he is still a long way from the elite and only time will tell whether or not he is able to reach it. But the boy, beyond what is shown on the green with the ball in between, outside the field of play shows a maturity that is undoubtedly very precious in order to achieve the goal that children who have been seen dream of. these days for Vila-real. ‘The Oliver Atom’ of this Celtic Alevín has the same dream as the unforgettable character from the ‘Champions’ series, and will fight to fulfill it.