Brutal scare in baseball: a ball hits his head at 145Km / h

Brutal accident in baseball. The Venezuelan Dixon Machado gave a major scare in the Korean baseball league, when he received a ball hit in the head, a product of a launch at 145 km / h. The player remained lying on the ground while being treated, to later leave the pitch by ambulance.

The event had fans of this sport in suspense for a long time, until it was seen that everything had been in a scare after the player was evacuated by ambulance.

In a totally involuntary action, the rival pitcher he made a wild pitch in the form of a fastball that hit the front of Machado’s helmet directly, and he couldn’t do anything to avoid the pitch.

The fatal moment during the match caused nerves and concern for both teams in the Korean League, as Dixon Machado was lying down and no one knew the extent of his injury.

Fortunately, his fans can now breathe easy. Social networks immediately echoed the event and were filled with messages of support, until it was learned that the player was no longer in danger.