Brutal discussion between Marina and Stefany at the stake: ‘It’s very easy to judge from the outside’

This Wednesday Telecinco has issued a new installment of ‘Island of Temptations 3‘That has not left anyone indifferent. The reason? For the first time in the three editions of the ‘reality’ star of Mediaset, bonfires have taken place in which couples have faced each other with temptations. And unsurprisingly, there have been more than one collision under the watchful eye of Sandra Barneda.

“Hello girls, how are you? Welcome to the bonfire (…). Today there are no images for you. You will not see images, but you will be very close to your boyfriends and I assure you that this bonfire will help you clear up many doubts that you may have ”, announced the presenter to Lara, Marina, Lola and Claudia, the first to face this novelty of ‘The Island of Temptations’.

But what exactly did the bonfire consist of? One by one, the favorite temptresses of the girls’ boyfriends came to the bonfire to answer three ‘yes’ or’ no ‘questions posed by each of the girls. In this case, Stefany, Lara, Carla and Susan went to the bonfire. And yes, on all occasions they ended up exchanging more than monosyllables, but without a doubt those who starred in the loudest discussion at the girls’ bonfire were Marina and Stefany.

As soon as she arrived, the young temptress already let out a ‘taunt’: “I’m super good, super happy. Happy with myself and going to sleep every night with a clear conscience, unlike others ”. “Because I’m doing what comes out of my heart,” Stefany continued. His words elicited laughter from the girls. “And I do not? What comes out of your heart? Go with one, then another ”, answered Marina, reminding the single woman that she kissed first with Manuel and then with Jesus. “I do not know the relationships that you have had but it is very easy to judge a relationship from the outside,” added the Sevillian.

Marina to Stefany: “You don’t like my boyfriend”

“In a day or two you do not do what you have done if you are in love,” let out the temptress. A few words that made Marina explode. “Lie. That’s a lie. Do you know what happens, honey? That I have never said that I am in love. I’ve never said it. I knew that my relationship had problems and here I am realizing, I am freeing myself and I am realizing what I really feel. But I am being for real. Which you and the other are not being. Because you don’t like my boyfriend. And if you don’t look me in the face and tell me what you like. Do you like it? ”, Snapped the Sevillian, raising her voice.