Brutal confrontation between Kiko Matamoros and Suso live: ‘You have been more pig’

This Monday, Telecinco met again in the debate of ‘The Island of TemptationsSome of the chain’s most controversial collaborators. Along with Sandra Barneda, presenter of the space, sat some of the best-known faces of Mediaset. Among the ex-contestants of the reality show were also Suso Y Kiko matamoros, who staged a brutal clash during the night.

During the course of the program, the Catalan presenter asked her colleagues for their opinion about what happened between Manuel and Lucía, one of the couples who has gone to the reality show to test their love. It was then that the bomb exploded on the set of Mediaset.

Debate of ‘The Island of Temptations’

Kiko Matamoros it was clear to him that Manuel had been “a pig from minute one.” After hearing that, the former contestant of ‘GH 16 ’did not hesitate to defend him, assuring that“ would you like them to tell you? It is very unfair that kids are insulted, it is very difficult to be there. I don’t like hearing insults from the contestants, I’ve been there and it’s very difficult. You sure have been much more of a pig in your life, empathize a little ”.

“You stick your tongue where it fits, you don’t come here to judge me. It is an expression, like the son of a *** that you have defended before. Then in colloquial terms it has been a pig. Is that clear to you, kid? ”Replied the collaborator of‘ Save me ’.

Finally, Suso ended up telling him that “get yours, not even you have come to judge the kids. Kid you! Respect a little ”.