Broncano regrets inviting Vicky Luengo: ‘I’m having a worse time than you’

Vicky luengo premiered in ‘La Resistencia’ achieving what few guests have achieved: make David Broncano uncomfortable. The presenter often embarrasses celebrities with his awkward questions, but this time they have brought the colors out of him.

The Mallorcan actress visited the Movistar + set to promote a series from the same house, ‘Antidisturbios’, and her new play. But, as always happens in ‘La Resistencia’, he spoke about many more issues.

At the beginning of the interview Luengo had to remind Broncano that they already knew each other before, but the presenter had a hard time locating her. “We have a mutual friend and the three of us have coffee. You were on a crutch, and we went into a bookstore to see climbing books ”, he reminded her about an afternoon more than five years ago.

“I remember everything, we went to the uneven bookstore because I was going to buy a climbing book in Alaska, I was lame because I fell while climbing!”, Replied the program’s host. And both claimed to be “Reenchanted” to meet.

Speaking French and dancing flamenco

Entering the professional field, Luengo explained that for a film he had to learn French by force and, in addition, dance flamenco. This combination seemed most funny to Broncano and he proposed to his guest to represent the scene: she speaking French and he dancing flamenco.

The presenter moved behind the couch and hid. His intention was to appear as a bailaor while the actress spoke in French, but there was no way to synchronize and the picture was quite ridiculous.

“What time have we invited her?”

“Holy Virgin, what time have we invited you? I’m having a worse time than you. We are lengthening something that is clearly a mistake, “added Broncano while she didn’t stop laughing.

Flirt in pandemic

The actress explained to Broncano that your filters to find a partner they are “that do not have spelling mistakes or mouths.” Then Broncano imitated a suitor with mouths asking for marriage and she was horrified.

Although he ended up recognizing that “with Filomena and the pandemic we are not there to put many conditions.”