Brizuela (31 points) ends the resistance of Bilbao (88-74)

The Unicaja Malaga has wanted to put aside its institutional chaos and take control of its life in terms of the game after 19 days without stepping on the pitch and has done so by winning 88-74 at Retabet Bilbao Basket, who remains very touched in the classification, and with a Darío Brizuela exuberant and that managed to match his best mark in the Endesa League with 31 points in your private backpack.

The Retabet Bilbao Basket opened the can of a first room in which the Unicaja He debuted with two consecutive triples and a high rhythm of the game that was declining, translating into a low score for both. Simple errors in both the Malaga and Bilbao ranks (10-7 min. 5) and maximum equality until, literally, the last second of the game. The locals proliferated in fouls and failed passes, giving their rivals the option of leaving with a +4 in the second round (18-22).

Almost a minute and a half took the marker to move and it was to give more life to the Bilbao Basket. The composers accumulated errors in the defensive and also offensive plane, especially in the triples, with a 2/10 in the m.13 and four errors of Alberto Diaz on the 6.75 line.

In the middle of the second quarter the Andalusians managed to unbalance the defense imposed by the men of Alex Mumbrú and they subtracted distances thanks to a mate of Deon Thompson, until the tie was achieved, which forced the Basques to stop the game (30-30, min 18) and regain the path based on triples. A strategy that the two teams bet on and that was resolved with a tight 35-38.

Those of Fotis Katsikaris They armed themselves with patience and temperance after the break and knew how to better measure the Bilbao Basket. And that was reflected on the scoreboard with a partial 11-4 at the start. Mumbrú who had to ask for time (46-42).

Bilbao’s reaction came in the form of a triple. Jonathan Rousselle who tied the game (52-52 min 37) and turned the score around making their team entrust themselves to a comeback that they achieved at the end of the third quarter, although with everything to be decided in the last round (58-60).

The last quarter premiered it Diaz, who broke his bad relationship with the triples with a very stimulating spectacular three-point shot in the Malacitan ranks. It was followed by a brilliant Darío Brizuela, which dazzled throughout the game on the Martín Carpena court and at m.33 caused a 2 + 1 that helped him to put 66-62 and add 24 to his personal credit, a gap that opened to +10 in the absence of 6:20 (72-62).

Brizuela it multiplied in all its facets. His determination was the great pillar of those of the Costa del Sol, who, however, left those of Mumbrú to cross his defense in certain occasions to arrive at m.37 with a 79-71 that enraged to Katsikaris. The coach was forced to ask for a time-out with a fight included for his players.

The reaction was imminent and the result was victory through their star player, Brizuela, who managed to match his best mark in the Endesa League with 31 points and leaving the ‘men in black’ from Retabet Bilbao Basket battered in the classification, in a relegation situation (88-74).

88 – Unicaja (18 + 17 + 23 + 30): Thompson (4), Brizuela (31), Díaz (9), Wacyznski (9), Guerrero (2) -starting five- Fernández (9), Alonso (0) , Thomas (6), Sánchez (0), Abromaitis (15), Tamba (0), Bouteille (3).

74 – Retabet Bilbao Basket (22 + 16 + 22 + 14): Zyskowski (10), Balvin (8), Hakanson (4), Jenkins (8), Kulboka (2) -starting five- Rousselle (6), Brown ( 16), Reyes (0), Kijajic (0), Dos Anjos (4), Serron (7), Miniotas (9).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Martín Caballero and Iyán González.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 31 of the Endesa League played at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace in Málaga behind closed doors. A minute of silence was observed prior to the game due to the death of Miguel López Abril, a former Caja de Ronda player.