Britney Spears makes a drastic decision until she regains her freedom

Singer Britney Spears announced in the last hours that she will not go on stage as long as her father continues to control all aspects of her life, as it has done for the past 13 years.

The one who was known as “Princess of Pop” posted on Instagram on Saturday an image in which the message was read: “Accept me for who I am or kiss my ass, eat shit and step on some legos”.

Next to the image, Spears made a long statement in which, apparently, he responded to the criticism that some videos had received in which he appeared dancing.

To those who criticize the videos in which I go out dancing … Look, I am not going to perform on any stage in the near future as long as my dad continues to decide what I wear, say, do or think !!!! I’ve already done it for the last 13 years”, Launched the artist.

He also affirmed that he prefers to dance in his living room than to get on a stage in Las Vegas, where people are so “out of it” that they cannot even shake his hand.

“And” he added, “I’m not going to put on a lot of makeup and rehearse, rehearse and rehearse again and not be able to do something real, with old mixes of my songs, while I’m begging them to put my new music on a show for my fans. … So I quit !!!! “

The singer also lashed out at her father, James Spears, and her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. “I don’t like my sister showing up at award shows and singing MY remixed SONGS !!!!!”.

“My so-called support network did me profound damage !!!! This legal guardianship killed my dreams … so all I have is hope and hope is just the hardest thing to kill for this world … and still people try !!! ” , lament.

The artist, who has more than 31 million followers on Instagram, has used that social network in recent weeks to break the silence that had dominated her life in recent years and share some of her feelings.

Spears has gone to court to end the legal guardianship that limits her life and that is a mechanism reserved for severely disabled people who are not supposed to take care of themselves.

Britney’s father took over her personal life and finances after a period of erratic behavior that made headlines in 2008.

Although the measure was temporary in its inception, it has been maintained throughout 13 years in which the artist has acted, published albums and starred in a millionaire show in Las Vegas between 2013 and 2017, sometimes against her will. .

The open conflict between the singer and her father has generated a movement in social networks in support of what was one of the most popular American artists of the late last century.

The motto “#FreeBritney” (Freedom for Britney) has gained momentum this year after the premiere of the documentary “Framing Britney”, a film produced by The New York Times that reviews the most controversial harsh aspects of the artist’s career