Britney Spears joins the famous campaign against makeup

More and more celebrities and ‘celebrities’ decide to say goodbye to makeup. Even in the case of actresses and singers who were always accompanied by long eyelashes and red lips, who could barely go outside without color on their cheeks, they have now discovered that naturalness is the best that can be carried.

The last of them has been Britney Spears. The popular singer has posted a picture on your instagram account in which she surrenders to the charms of looking beautiful without the need for makeup. Quite a discovery for a woman who used to show off the exaggeration in both dress and style in most of her appearances.

The singer has assured that a natural appearance is the way to go.

The way to make up of Britney Spears It has always been characterized by a smoky black that was used for all kinds of activities: from singing and dancing to playing sports.

The singer has published in her account Instagram several photographs with the style called “washed face”, which consists of wearing so little makeup that it seems that you do not have any.

Spears has explained to his more than 25 million followers In the title of the images, the result is a much more youthful and fresh face than when he used his usual routine.

“Who would have thought?!?! After all this time, I am now learning that makeup is not the way to go. I mean, a little makeup is fun, but after spending so much time in makeup chairs to be flawless, “the artist has written.

He also added that “he believes that a natural appearance is the way to go, it makes you look much younger and much better”.