Brawl between Terelu, Arrabal and Emma García in ‘Viva la vida’: ‘It makes me want to vomit’

This Good Friday ‘Save me’ took a break, but Telecinco decided not to give a truce and instead of programming a movie it opted for ‘Live life’.

The program of Emma garcia put all the meat on the grill when dealing with the topic of the moment: the Rocío Carrasco case, and the tension was palpable throughout the afternoon.

As an example, the brawl between Terelu Campos and Diego Arrabal, and that made the presenter lose her papers.

It all started with the fiery defense that the daughter of María Teresa Campos made of her friend Rocío Carrasco, an attitude that was heating Arrabal until exploding.

It makes me want to vomit, you just need the banner”, Lamented the paparazzi before the indignation of a Terelu that continued to defend its position vehemently.

The exchange of screams between the two was more despite Emma’s attempts to contain the tension, and in the end she ended up exploding.

You shut up or you go away, whatever you want, whatever you want. Please, we just started, is it so difficult to talk respect you?”, She yelled helplessly and visibly angry at the show they were offering.

I’m not going to pass one to the two of you because it is my job that viewers can find out what we are talking about. I said later. We are going to remain calm and let everyone think what they want and with the presumption of innocence. I have listened to Rocío and it makes me really sad. Gentlemen, I apologizeEmma settled before giving way to publicity and ending the altercation.

After the break, the program continued normally. As if nothing had happened.

Follow the commotion formed after the broadcast of the chapters of ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’