Braking in El Molinón of a Sporting without a goal

Sporting wasted four very clear chances this Friday and did not go beyond the goalless draw against an Alcorcón who defended himself with order and who had in his goalkeeper Dani Jiménez a providential man with a couple of saves that avoided sung goals.

Sporting and Alcorcón faced the game with several casualties in their ranks. Those of the locals are very important, since Gallego could not count on Djrdjevic, LaLiga SmartBank’s top scorer, and Manu García, through whom most of the offensive actions of the rojiblancos pass, in addition to Javi Fuego, a bastion in the center from the field, and Saúl García on the left side.

The two teams played a lot in this game. the locals will continue in the play-off positions and if possible cut back with respect to those of direct promotion, and the locals, leave the relegation positions. And they were the ones who came out more focused looking from the beginning for the rival goal.

The first shot on goal, which came out high, was from Gorostidi, to which Gragera responded shortly after from outside the area in a strong shot that touched a defender and was about to surprise a Dani Jiménez who responded well.

Little by little Sporting was controlling the game and dangerously approaching the Madrid goal with dangerous shots from Pablo Pérez, Nacho Méndez or Aitor García who narrowly missed, although the best chance was Víctor Campuzano in a triangulation between Aitor García, Nacho Mendez. His shot went wide when he was in a good position.

Alcorcón was trying on the wings and Marc Gual, in a play in which he started in an offside position not indicated, made a center-kick to which Mariño responded with a stop in two halves and shortly after he made another good clearance after a distant shot but with great intention from Kelechi in a few minutes in which Alcorcón shook the rojiblanco dominance.

At the last minute each team had a great opportunity: Sporting’s was at the feet of Pablo Pérez, who stood alone in the area but was entertained and also failed in the shot, and then Kelechi, who, in a foul from outside the area, shot with great power and Mariño cleared for a corner.

The first two shots of the second half were headed: the first by Pablo Pérez, who came out slightly high, and the second by Barbero, who was stopped by Mariño. But it was Dani Jiménez who prevented Sporting from getting ahead by first deflecting a strong shot from Nacho Méndez and then the subsequent shot from Campuzano when the goal seemed inevitable.

Sporting maintained its dominance but did not hit the shot and Alcorcón did not create much danger either, so the minutes passed without the score moving, so the coaches began to move the benches.

The first to do so was David Gallego, who gave in to Gaspar Campos by a blurred Aitor García, and then Anquela did it by putting Ojeda by Marc Gual, and again Gallego giving minutes to Carmona and Cumic instead of Pablo Pérez and Nacho Méndez .

After the changes, Sporting returned to take control of the game, but again failed two very clear occasions, the first of the newly incorporated Cumic who only against Dani Jiménez failed to overcome the goalkeeper who rejected the shot and the ball that reached Campuzano who with the beaten goalkeeper sends the ball high.

It was the last time for either team because, although Sporting tried to the end, Alcorcón defended themselves with order and took a point from El Molinón in a result that does not serve much to either of them, although yes to the locals to remain undefeated in their field.


Sporting: Mariño, Bogdan, Babin, Marc Valiente, Pablo García, Gragera, Pedro Díaz, Nacho Méndez (Cumic, m, 78), Víctor Campuzano, Aitor García (Gaspar Campos, m.68) and Pablo Pérez (Carmona, m. 78).

Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez, Laure, Castro, José León, José Carlos, Bellvís, Gorostidi (Hugo Fraile, m.89), Kelechi (Boateng, m.89), Escobar, Marc Gual (Ojeda, m.75) and Barbero.

Referee: Saúl Ais Reig (C. Valenciano). He showed the yellow card to Castro (m.61) and Laure (m.88).