Braithwaite: ‘I have to be careful what I say’

Braithwaite, like Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand and other Denmark players, came out to publicly regret the referee’s decision to signal Maehle’s penalty to Sterling in extra time, in a move that raises more than doubts and ultimately led to elimination of the Nordic team from Euro 2020, one of the most special they have ever experienced.

The Barça forward had to bite his tongue after the game. “We have to swallow that. We are proud, but also incredibly disappointed in the way it happened. I don’t think it was entirely fair, but I have to be careful what I say. ”

Braithwaite, who believes that playing England at home ‘could have had an influence’, does not think there is any need to be blamed (Maehle): “There is no one to blame, there was no penalty and it was judged a bit harshly. We don’t know if it went to Maehle or Mathias, but Maehle has been fantastic in this tournament and that’s what one will remember. ”

The former Laganés, however, prefers to highlight the positive of everything: “Now, in hot, I am disappointed, but we have many excellent experiences and we are very grateful for the support we have received. It has been moving and something we have never experienced ”.