Brais Méndez: ‘I don’t fully understand how the VAR works’

The midfielder of Celta de Vigo Brais Méndez said this Wednesday that “he does not fully understand” the operation of the VAR, although he prefers “to make a clean slate” andor give more laps to the arbitration of Pizarro Gómez against Valencia, in the Mestalla.

“In the end, they are things that happen. Sometimes they can harm you and others benefit. I personally do not fully understand it because it is something new. I imagine they will improve it over time. I see that in other leagues the operation is much faster and here it seems that we are going slower ”, he responded when questioned about the operation of the video refereeing.

The Spanish international, who will return to the title against Valladolid after completing the yellow card cycle, said that in the dressing room “there is no talk” of the latest refereeing suffered by the team, despite the fact that the leaders have shown their anger.

“It is a defeat that hurts us, but we have to look towards ahead. The team is eager to face the next game and get the three points at home, which are going to be vital ”, Brais Méndez reiterated, for whom the team’s perspective “remains the same” because the goal they have set is to add “the highest number of points” to “not suffer another year.”