Brais Méndez does not give up Europe

Celta de Vigo midfielder Brais Méndez, who scored his team’s first goal tonight against Levante, did not rule out his team from the fight for seventh place in LaLiga, which is now occupied by Villarreal, which they will visit the next day.

“As long as they give us the possibilities, why not dream. I think we are doing things right, we are fighting, we are running, we are dreaming and God will say. We are going to try it until they give the possibilities ”, he pointed out.

The Spanish international celebrated that Celta did not fall into “relaxation” despite achieving 40 points, which is usually “the limit” for permanence.

“I think the coach is pushing us to keep looking up and not get carried away. We are going to do that, ”said Brais Méndez, who admitted that he was in his“ best moment ”.

“· Since El Chacho arrived, he has trusted me. It has given me that confidence that, perhaps, I needed. From there I have been growing little by little, with my head, knowing what I have to do and we hope to continue like this, ”he said.