Bottas or Russell, who is to blame for Imola’s accident?

Bottas or Russell, Who is to blame for the accident that they both starred in at the Emilia Romagna GP? It is one of the most repeated questions among fans after the exciting race of Imola and that also reopens the wound in Mercedes on whether they should stop betting on Valtteri and deliver your flyer to the young Englishman next year.

The accident occurred when they were battling for ninth position. Russell caught the aspiration straight from the Nordic, and as he got out of it to overtake, he saw Bottas turn to the right to make it difficult for him to maneuver. On such a narrow tarmac and in such fast action, at about 340 km / h, George acted on reflexes and turned his wheel to the right. He had room to pass, but was turned by that act unconsciously, and touched the wet grass, something that caused him to lose control of his car and collide with Bottas.

George, after the race, he said that what he had done Valtteri it was very dangerous, it did not respect the gentlemen’s agreement between the pilots. But he made it clear that the accident was caused because he thought that Bottas I would keep turning to the right to close the track. Instead, Valtteri he just made a gentle turn to the right to go straight. Thus, Russell made it clear that Bottas he had not done anything illegal, but nevertheless it was unethical due to the dangerousness of his action.

“My point of view is very simple. What I have felt in the car and what I have seen in the repetitions is that George did a maneuver that was always going to be difficult in those conditions.
There was enough room for the two cars but there was only one dry line. He has lost it, he has given me and he has taken us both out of the race “, commented Bottas for his part in ‘DAZN F1’.

“What Bottas has done is incredibly dangerous. You have the right to defend position, but at 340 km / h you have to respect the speed and the conditions that are occurring. Between drivers we have always had this gentlemen’s agreement, when we are going 340 km / h on the straight, the steering wheel does not move, you should not move it to try to stop overtaking. We’re going too fast to react and it’s going to cause the crash. That’s in normal conditions … But on wet and dry tires on a circuit as tight as this is incredibly dangerous. It was a very small maneuver on his part with enormous consequences ”, commented Russell, also in ‘DAZN F1’.

However, when asked about the review of the images, George made it clear that when watching the repetition, it was not possible to understand well what he experienced in the car.

“It is very difficult to see it, such a small movement when you go 340 km / h has a huge effect and that has been enough to make me move. And I thought that when I did the maneuver maybe I was going to keep going towards the grass. And you go so fast ... We have always said among pilots that if one day a pilot did this it would be a big accident and here we are ””. It is clear that what Russell is complaining about is not that Bottas has done something outside the regulations, but that it is such a fast action, in a matter of milliseconds, on a wet and very narrow track, at such high speed When Bottas instinctively turned the wheel to the right, he had to turn as well.

Many users on social networks blame that Russell should not have rotated so much. Easy to say from the sofa at home. It is difficult to keep the steering wheel straight in such fast action in the face of the danger that may be at your side.

And then there is the version of the crew chief, Toto Wolff, who blames both drivers with tremendous anger. To Russell for the maneuver, and to Bottas, for fighting so far back instead of fighting in the top positions with a champion car.

Russell’s on board at the time of his accident with Bottas in Imola
Russell's on board at the time of his accident with Bottas in Imola

Russell’s on board at the time of his accident with Bottas in Imola

Russell reviews the action

Later, George Russell, after viewing the images, spoke about the incident again in statements to the specialized portal ‘Race Fans’.

“When you can go through everything and look at it in slow motion and everything and from certain camera angles, it looks very, very different. One camera angle makes it appear one way and another another. Like I said, when you see it with closed circuit cameras it seems pretty clear to you. Could it have been prevented? Yes. Was Valtteri the culprit? Probably not? Could I have done more? Maybe. Was I the culprit? I caused the accident by skidding, but did I make a mistake when overtaking? Not at all. I would have been foolish to lift in that position “, said the Briton.

“Bottas did not do anything that was outside the regulation, but you have to take into account the element of responsibility and the conditions. There are certain things you can do when everything is fine, but when you are on a wet track, there is a problem and you are pushing someone onto the grass, into the 300 kilometer / hour water areas, there is a high risk of an incident, for that reason it disappoints me because I thought that it went beyond a lack of respect, really, not towards me, but a lack of respect towards these cars ”, he added.

“It was not a reckless move. Valtteri fought back tough and it was only fair that he did. But we still had three-quarters of the straight. It’s not that he threw me from 20 meters back and went against the side of his car “, he concluded.