Bottas on beating Hamilton: ‘The challenge is motivating’

Valtteri Bottas wants to try again. In recent seasons, as much as he tried it, it was very clear that Lewis hamilton he is several steps ahead of his Finnish partner. The Nordic is a flash driver, capable of conquering poles with fantastic fast laps, but at the same time, of losing the race in managing the multiple elements that must be taken into account on Sundays. On it, Lewis has proven to be a much more complete driver, both in the management of tires, overtaking, starts, as well as knowing how to read what he must do at each moment of the race. In this it must improve Valtteri And for this reason, he did not hesitate to assure that in 2021, as after each year he lost in his direct comparison with Hamilton, he tries to take all the learning from the previous year to be a stronger rival for his teammate. Thus, Valtteri, stressed that in the winter break he tried to focus on himself and his preparation, both mentally and physically, to face the “great challenge” of fighting against Lewis with bigger weapons than in previous years.

“The break has gone well. I’ve recharged my batteries and been staying healthy. I’ve been working on a solid training plan and working on myself, trying to be the best that I can be this year. Honestly, looking at this car now, the first thing I think is that I can’t wait any longer to get back to racing, ”said Valtteri, excited to see his new Mercedes W12 E Performance on display.


“Again, I learned many lessons. Many things you learn about yourself. You have the opportunity to be a better driver every year if you take all those things and I think that processing and learning from these things, looking at every detail is why I can be better. I may be at my best physically and mentally, but the goal is the same. To reach Abu Dhabi at the end, look back and see that I gave it my all and that I did everything I had in my power. I hope the results come. ”

“It is my 5th year with the team and I am completely focused on my personal goals and the goals of the team and the people around me.”


“The challenge is motivating, of course. We are partners and we work as a team, but at the same time, without a doubt, you already know that when we put on our helmets and it is time to compete with each other, we hate losing and we love winning ”.


“Naturally, when you are in the car you try to beat all the drivers, including your teammate because he has the same car. But everything Lewis has achieved in F1… it motivates me and of course I am more and more focused on myself because I think it is important to prioritize where you put the energy. I really try to work on my performance, how can I be better in my head day after day and of course this (Hamilton’s records) is extra motivation. But we are doing a great job with Lewis and I think we can push for the team together. We want to continue winning titles and for that we need to be a team ”.