Bosnia frees Mamic, fled for embezzlement in operations such as the transfer of Modric to Tottenham

Mamic, former coach of Dynamo
Zagreb, was released this Wednesday, hours after being detained in Bosnia, where he is on the run from the Croatian justice, which convicted him of embezzlement in operations such as the transfer of Luka
Modric to the Tottenham in 2008.

According to the Bosnian portal ‘Avaz’, Mamic he was released by the Bosnian justice under the obligation to report to the police once a week. The court has not ruled on a possible extradition to Croatia since, according to that source, he has not yet formally requested it.

International arrest warrant

The Croatian authorities last Wednesday issued an international arrest warrant against Mamic, after Monday did not appear at the penitentiary where he must serve his sentence.

The Croatian Supreme Court confirmed last March the conviction against Mamic; against his brother Zdravko
, former director of Dynamo; and against two other people for having embezzled funds from the club by illegally withdrawing 15.3 million euros from their coffers.

The embezzlement was allegedly also committed through player transfers, such as that of Luka
Modric to the Tottenham English in 2008 or Matthew
Kovacic to the Inter
Milan in 2013.

Modric and Kovacic, together during a match with the Croatian national team

Brothers Mamic They have dual Croatian and Bosnian citizenship.

Mamic already fled to Bosnia in 2018 after the first instance sentence that sentenced him to six years. In 2019, a court of Bosnia Herzegovina refused to extradite him to Croatia.