Borussia Dortmund’s 1×1

BURKI Unfortunate

Maybe he could have done more on Kimmich’s goal, but he took several stops that kept Dortmund alive.

AKANJI Insurance

Müller and Lewandowski had little impact on Bayern’s attack thanks to the good work of the centrals, including Akanji.


He led the back of Dortmund and multiplied in his area to abort the lateral shipments of a Bayern that exploited his superiority on the wings and in the midfield.


He took a shot under the sticks from Gnabry was decisive to abort two other clear occasions from Bayern.

AKIMI Discreet

He lost the private match with Davies and was barely able to collaborate in the offensive phase of a Dortmund without ideas. Disappointing performance on a high stage.


He was substituted at half-time and was always at the mercy of the designs of Kimmich, the best player on the pitch.

DAHOUD Laborious

As his core partner, he unsuccessfully attempted to counter Kimmich’s dominance of his plot.


It was not the overwhelming winger he is used to and was one of the most accused of Dortmund’s lack of ideas in attack.


He was almost never able to overflow his peer and Haaland missed him as an assistant.

BRANDT Changed

He was replaced at the end of the first half and with his departure all the good ideas from Dortmund from three quarters ahead vanished.


He had several scoring chances but, rare for him, he was not very inspired by the auction. Boateng elbow-cleared his best chance in the second half. He left injured.

The changes

REYNA Exceeded

He entered the break to give the team another air at the break but the inexperience of his 17 years was noted against the veteran defender of Bayern

SANCHO Improved

From less to more after entering the restart. He had a hard time picking up rhythm but when he sang he was Borussia’s best player.

CAN Ballast

It did not help in attack or defense. One of those box to box that shines equally in both plots: nothing


He entered to do damage between the lines but barely had time to participate.


He replaced Dahoud in the end.