Born to take responsibility

Oyarzabal He’s one of those guys you can trust when the ball burns and the tension wrinkles the bravery. You know that he is not going to hide and that he is going to take responsibility when necessary. He has been doing it all his life, as in 2014 when, as a youth of Easo, Eibar requested his transfer to the Real to reinforce the Youth Division of Honor team and avoid a relegation that seemed sung. Or when three months ago, after missing several penalty kicks in previous games and the day before the final, he did not hesitate to catch the ball and execute the maximum penalty that gave the Cup title to Real. That’s why friday Luis EnriqueAfter drawing up a previous list with possible pitchers in which the Gipuzkoan footballer appeared, asking him if he wanted to take one of the penalties and receiving confirmation, he did not hesitate to leave the ’10’ txuri urdin the responsibility of taking the fifth penalty, the reserved for specialists, those types of players whose pulse does not tremble.

The stops of Unai
Simon kept Spain alive in the shootout against Switzerland and gave the opportunity to Oyarzabal to achieve the classification with its launch. “He was very clear about where to shoot the penalty,” said the Eibartarra, who at all times showed his enormous serenity. The previous release of the Swiss Vargas he had left the ball far after hitting the stands and he, with great calm, headed towards the ball first and towards the penalty spot later with a leisurely walk. Half a minute of travel that gave a lot of itself. “Along the way a lot of things go through your head, on top of that the ball was far away, although I was clear on things,” he explained.

Unlike Busquets Y Rodri, when the referee whistled to order the launch, he did not go straight to hit the ball. He sighed, took a couple of seconds, looked at Sommer and with conviction and without his previous classic ‘little jump’ he hit the ball: “I could not miss and luckily I scored”, recalled the realistic player who, true to his style and far from recreating himself in his figure, went for Unai
Simon to merge in a hug with the goalkeeper whom he beat three months ago at La Cartuja to win the Cup. “I love you Unai
Simon”, The Real player would write on his social networks after passing the anti-doping control, who hopes to be able to emulate Arconada and stand, as in 1984 in France, in the final of a European Championship. “At this point you have one step away from playing a final and that is what we are going to try. The team is convinced, believes in what it does. We have full confidence in ourselves. I’m sure things are going well ”. And if not sure it will be there Mikel
Oyarzabal to try to pull the cart, as it has always done. In Unbe, in Zubieta, in Anoeta, in La Cartuja, in Saint Petersburg or in Wembley.