Borja Iglesias: ‘I’m in pain but fine’

Borja Iglesias placeholder image managed to overtake Real Betis by scoring his ninth goal of the season – seventh in the league and eighth since January – by transforming a penalty committed by Verdú on himself into a play in which he ended up injured in the hip, when hitting the post. Borja transformed the maximum penalty that put his team with an advantage at thirteen minutes, but shortly after he asked for the change as he could not continue. “I am sore but fine, with the impact against the stick a wound has opened and I have a staple, with the blow to the quadriceps my leg fell asleep and I could not”, commented the Panda to the TV cameras after the game.

About the development of the meeting, Borja Iglesias placeholder image He pointed out that “the first half I saw half, we had a situation for the 0-2 that we could not do, then they have talented players, the draw came, and we were not fine at the end, especially in that last play” He said, referring to the three against one wasted in the discount by Juanmi. “The game was complicated, they had a tough, aggressive game, with intensity, we weren’t entirely comfortable, but the team trained well, they have the capacity for effort.”

Borja Iglesias placeholder imageFinally, he pointed out that “we knew that the game was going to be like this, when you play the objectives, the teams put everything together, and we must continue in our line and look for the best version of the game. Betis and look for the matches that remain ”.