Borja Iglesias: ‘I never lived a streak like last year’

Borja Iglesias placeholder image, forward of Real Betis, has been nominated by The league as candidate for best player of the month of May, after three of his goals have been key in the victories against him grenade and the Huesca what have they given to Betis qualification for European competitions. The Panda played his 100th game in the First Division last Sunday (1 with Celta, 37 with Espanyol and 62 with Betis) and he did it in the best moment of form of his career, since he has already scored ten goals for the Verdiblanco team. this season and average 0.68 every 90 minutes played, better than when he did 17 in 2018/19 with Espanyol, because then he played practically everything and his average was 0.5 goals every 90 minutes played.

Borja Iglesias talks about his current state of form: “I knew that I had to work, that things were not going as they had to and that I had to put everything, now I feel very well, I have always felt very supported by the team, for the club and the fans and that helps a lot ”, said the forward in an interview on RTV Betis, where he also reviewed the bad moments he had experienced. “I have had moments … not having a bad time because really when things don’t work out, you are focused on turning it around and you don’t have time to be aware of the reality that exists, but obviously I’m having a much better time now. After complicated moments, enjoying this end of the season and this streak is always nice, and I’m happy to be able to help ”, admitted the Galician.

Borja visits the Balaídos stadium on Sunday to face Celta, the club where he trained and with which he debuted in Primera in 2014/15: “I have always felt very loved in Vigo, I have a lot of affection and a lot of appreciation for them . From a very young age I have enjoyed them a lot, I spent four years in the quarry and one year was on loan, they were very positive, I have a lot of affection for them and I learned a lot. If there is someone who did not like my decision, I also understand and respect what they feel, but I feel loved, “he explained.

The Betics go to Balaídos with the Europa League between eyebrows: “From the first day it was the objective, to fight for Europe, we have the upper hand and now we know that if we do our thing we will be in the Europa League. It is true that we went through some difficult moments, but from day one we became aware of the situation and tried to add and contribute, everyone was very clear that they wanted to do their best to achieve the goal ”.

Betis has been on a great streak and has only added two defeats in 2021: “We have achieved quite a few draws with the feeling of having scored more points. Both in the complicated moments and now it flows, that is worthy of admiration. We came from a month of December that the team was going to more, with that Levante game, then in the derby at home the team was superior and we entered into that dynamic that helps you to believe more ”.

Borja has a spectacular streak of 11 goals in 16 games: “I had never experienced one like last year, afterwards I evaluate it as positive because I have learned many things. When you are living it and there is that pressure because the team needs your contribution and you are not able to give it because it is complicated but when you come out of it you come out reinforced ”.

A possible call from the national team: “Like me? Of course, I would love to be on a list and more for a European Championship, I have tried to do my best and if he considers that I can be there and contribute I would be delighted and if not then I will continue working in case one day the opportunity arises ”. The key is to do well at Betis: “In the end I think that the key is that, Sergio has achieved a very high level with us and has earned a place there. Hopefully he is here and we will cheer him on from home ”.