Bordalás: ‘Today there is nothing with Valencia but it is a great club’

The Alicante Pepe Bordalás is one of the best placed coaches to take charge of the Valencia… Provided that the proposal of who should be the new coach leaves the club offices and is ratified in Singapore and do not decide in the Asian country and assume it here. And the coach of the Getafe he lets himself be loved, as he did this Wednesday in Radio Brand.

“Valencia? I leave that to you, I can not tell you anything because today there is nothing, I have a contract with Getafe and I am focused. Without a doubt, Valencia is a great team, a great, historic club. We have no doubt, “he said.

Bordalás was about to be chosen for the bench last summer but the Mestalla club did not want to wait until mid-August for him to finish competing in Europe with Getafe and signed Javi Gracia.

This summer, his availability is different but he does not stop having a contract with Getafe, something that the Alicante, much questioned this season, does not seem to see as something untouchable.

“When the season is over, like every year, my president and I will sit down, take stock and make the best decision. I am focused on Getafe, there is one day left and I can’t talk about anything other than that. It has been a very hard season, I have suffered a lot for the boys, for the fans and for the club, “he said.