Bordalás: ‘The Mediterranean is my source of energy’

The coach of the Valencia, José Bordalás (Alicante, 1964), reveals in an interview with the EFE Agency to be near the sea Mediterranean It charges him with energy, that he loves rice, that he is not about napping and that for him paradise is his hometown.

Question: What is a vacation day like for José Bordalás?

Answer: Very calm. Get up, enjoy the sun, the sea and take a walk on the beach. To take a bath and, if possible, to be with friends to share a good meal and an after-dinner.

Q: It doesn’t seem like anything extraordinary …

A: Is that normal for other people is extraordinary for me. After all the year traveling and with a lot of stress, what I miss the most are the most common things.

Q: Do you take advantage of these days to watch movies or series?

A: I am not a lot of series, but I do like the cinema. Holidays go by so fast that I prefer to squeeze them into other things, like being with people you don’t have time to interact with all year long.

Q: But he will have a hobby, right?

A: Music is something that I like and that accompanies me whenever I can. I try to put it at home, in the car, on the beach …

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: I like all kinds of music. I can adapt to any style, even those that are now more fashionable among the youngest. Living in a locker room with young boys has that, that in the end you get infected with their vitality and their music.

Q: What is your secret corner of paradise?

A: Well, after, luckily, traveling a lot and seeing other wonderful places, I would say that it is Alicante. Also, in the land where I grew up and where my roots are, there is a light and a color that are sorely missed when you are not there. I recently read that it was one of the cities with the highest quality of life and the truth is that it did not surprise me.

Q: What is the Mediterranean for you?

A: My source of energy. There are other seas that have their charm, but like this there is nothing like it. Its water charges me with energy.

Q: The beach is not the best place, precisely, to go unnoticed …

A: Well, I try to go early or late in the afternoon. I also look for quiet corners. I take the opportunity to sunbathe a bit and especially swim.

Q: In other years you have traveled, why not now?

A: I think that now I need more than anything tranquility and rest. I have been lucky enough to get to know other countries, regions and cultures, but now I feel like something more normal. We come from a complicated year and a half because of the pandemic, which in professional football has been lived with a lot of stress. The trips, although beautiful and enriching, are tiring. In addition, the threat of the pandemic is still there, so it is better to be in a safe environment.

Q: Can you get that weird feeling of being bored on vacation?

A: Nah. I wish I had time to get bored. I am always busy with something. There are so many that you leave pending that in the end there is no time. I think that the day I stop training I won’t get bored either.

Q: Doesn’t he even take a nap?

A: I don’t have that routine. I’ve never had it. It may be that one day, if I am tired, but it is not normal.

Q: Can you disconnect during these days of football?

A: I try to ‘turn off’ in those moments when I am with friends or family, because I need it, but a whole day is impossible. It is inevitable in some moments when you are alone that it comes to mind how the planning, the template or the pending issues are going.

Q: You have earned a reputation for taking great care of your physical appearance, but some tribute will be given on vacation, right?

A: I always try to take care of myself, but on vacation no one is exempt from some excess. We all have our little quirks and I love rice, like almost all of us who are from this land.

Q: I am going to put you on a commitment. Now that you’ve tried it, Valencian paella or Alicante rice?

A: I know there is rivalry in that as well, but the truth is that there are excellent dishes everywhere. It is in the DNA of this land. I have already eaten spectacular paellas in Valencia, but in Alicante there are formidable rice dishes. I keep all the gastronomic wealth of the Valencian Community.