Bordalás did not exhaust the changes in Granada

José Bordalás, a Getafe coach, did not exhaust the five changes to which he is entitled with the new ‘post coronavirus’ regulations in the game that his team played and lost this Friday in the Nuevo Los Cármenes against Granada (2-1).

The Azulón coach, who as soon as the new rule of the five substitutions He affirmed that this measure favored large teams by having a greater depth of staff, he had exhausted the changes to which the Regulations in hand are entitled in all the League games played to date.

The Azulón coach once criticized the five-change rule, claiming that it favors large teams.

In Cup he made only two substitutions in Getafe’s first match (1-2 against El Palmar). The only game so far, in the current academic year, in which Bordalás did not exhaust the changes, until this Friday, in Granada. In total, of the 38 official matches played by the ‘Geta’ (League, Cup and Europa League) so far, only in two did he not make all the substitutions to which he was entitled.