Book Day: the most anticipated works in this Sant Jordi 2021

Sant Jordi It is one of the most important dates for lovers of reading. And, like every year, one of the most anticipated news is knowing which books have been the best sellers and which have occupied the top positions on the ‘Best Sellers’ lists. Well, since Sports world we unveil what are considered the most anticipated works in this literary festival by all audiences.

The humor of my life, Paz Padilla

The comedian and presenter recently released her book and it has become a huge success. In this book, Paz, through the narration of her love story, shares her personal work of acceptance with which she was able to accompany her husband in his last days with great integrity.

Women of my soul, Isabel Allende

The Chilean writer has published “Mujeres del alma mía”, an exercise in memory and personal essay on her relationship with feminism and the fact of being a woman, a book that came out simultaneously in Spain and Latin America.

Good children, Rosa Ribas

Just arrived at the bookstores ready for Sant Jordi in 2021, the Hernández family detective agency, which Rosa Ribas premiered in ‘A Too Family Affair’ incorporates a new member, Nora, in the investigation of the suicide of a teenager.

The art of cheating Karma, Elísabet Benavent

It is the new work of the writer Elísabet Benavent, known for the Valeria saga that was brought to the small screen thanks to the Netflix platform. On this occasion, he brings us a novel full of beauty and art in which women are no longer the muses, but the creators.

The Stranger, Olga Merino

At 50, Ángela, Angie in her London years, returns to the Andalusian town where her family comes from and ends up immersed in a cross of underground grudges.

The game of the soul, Javier Castillo

The writer presents his fifth novel set in New York, in 2011. It is a disturbing thriller that plays with love, pain, deception and with a dark secret that is about to come to light and that will achieve change everything.

Exchange of lives, Xavier Sardà

The author has transferred his sense of humor – “Sardian”, he says – for the first time to the format of the short story. Tales with a surreal point, written during confinement.

The man who killed Liberty Balance, Jordi Nieva-Fenoll

From the conflicts that are happening in the plot of the film in which a lawyer played by James Stewart faced the law of the strongest in the Far West, Professor Jordi Nieva-Fenoll is reeling off the fundamental principles of the State democratic law.

Another football book, Enrique Ballester

The writer and journalist received the Panenka award with this book that includes 93 articles about football published in recent years in the newspapers El Periódico, Mediterráneo and Levante.

The heart with which I live, by José María Pérez Peridis

This work has managed to win the Spring Novel Prize 2020 and is another of the essential romantic novels in this Sant Jordi.