Bolo: ‘They made me want to grab my players by the chest’

The coach of the Ponferradina, Jon Pérez Bolo, he said after the loss to the Sabadell They played a terrible game and the main culprit is him for not knowing how to motivate his players.

In the same vein, he said: “They made me want to take my players by the chest. We did not come out as we should in the first half. In the second we improved but without further ado. Up front we had a team that played a lot and beat us well. a game in which we have barely made chances “.

“We have had a good season. From here I already say do not try to work, you will not be on Sunday in the last game. We have to work hard from tomorrow to finish well. We achieved the goal of the start of the season and it is a pity not to have lasted in the last two or three days to fight for something else. “