Blas Cantó’s phrase to Rocío Carrasco that did not go unnoticed on social networks

After more than 20 years of silence, this past March it premiered in Telecinco ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’, the docuseries with which Rocío Carrasco tells his side of the story. Such is the impact generated by the documentary that this past Wednesday, the daughter of Rocío Jurado sat down in Mediaset to answer an exclusive interview.

For such a special night, the chain wanted to have all the details very careful. For what it counted on Blas Cantó, representative of Spain in the next festival of Eurovision, which is held in Rotterdam on March 22, to receive the protagonist of the night.

The vocalist of Auryn performed a song by Rocío Jurado live on the set of Telecinco. The artist’s performance coincided with the arrival of Pedro Carrasco’s daughter at the facilities of Mediaset. An entry in which she could be seen visibly moved, something that greatly moved both the spectators and those present.

Rocío Carrasco, live on Telecinco

Right now, Blas Cantó He finished singing the song and dedicated a soft but sonorous “I do believe you” to it, referring to the doubts that have been generated around the version of Rocio Carrasco about the alleged mistreatment he received from Antonio David Flores. With a shrunken voice, the protagonist of the night could only utter a broken “thank you, thank you very much.”

The singer’s words did not fall on deaf ears and social networks began to share the fragment loudly applauding the artist.