Blas Cantó responds to Norwegian TV: ‘Nobody knows the effort I make to stay alive’

Eurovision is always synonymous with trouble. This time, the protagonist of the controversy has been none other than Blas Cantó, representative of Spain for this edition of the musical contest.

After the celebration of the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, in which ten countries have already qualified for the grand final on Saturday, Norwegian television dedicated some ugly words to the Murcian.

From this program, the fact that Spain, along with the other four members of the ‘Big five‘, Go directly to the final, without having to face the semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Blas sang during the Eurovision 2021 rehearsals

Blas sang during the Eurovision 2021 rehearsals

“It is terrible to be so negative with Blah, but it gets too boring. I think: ‘This is going to the final, perhaps at the expense of Albania,’ “said one of the guests at the round table. “I love a lot of them tonight, but I think it’s very oversized. Grandma comes back and he dances with her. A kind of sketch. Sing about it and they have to show it, ”added another.

Next, he said that “there is a story there: he lost his grandmother because of the Covid. Maybe she is the one to come. And his father died while he was writing the song. Something moves me, but it doesn’t reach me ”.

The words did not fall on deaf ears. During Wednesday morning, many eurofans They showed their support for the Spanish representative through social networks.

Finally, the own Blas Cantó he wanted to express his thoughts on the words of the Norwegian television program: “I cannot rebuild my soul by watching things like this. Nobody knows what I’m going through or the effort I make even to stay alive. I don’t blame them, they sure are fine. All my love always ”.