Blanco: ‘Madrid haven’t communicated anything to me’

Raul Gonzalez shaped him and Zinedine Zidane gave him the alternative. Mentors Antonio Blanco (Montalbán de Córdoba, 2000) to start his sports career in the elite. Of the former ‘7’ white he assures, in an interview with EFE, that he is “an example” and highlights how he instills in them the “values ​​that the club must have.”

From the concentration of the Spanish U21 team, he reviews his season. It started with the achievement of the Youth League, debuted with Real Madrid and received the call from Luis de la Fuente. He still does not know about the next season if he will have a record with the first team, and he focuses first on completing his record in the lower categories, achieving the title in the European Under-21.

Question: How did you find out about Luis de la Fuente’s call?

Answer: I received a call from you, I was in Madrid and I was not expecting that call at all. It was an illusion and I am very happy to be here.

Q: You are already the European Under-17, Under-19 and runner-up in the Under-17 world champion and now you have the opportunity to be the European Under-21 champion in a generation before yours.

A: I hope, given this great opportunity, to be champions and to see if, thanks to God, we come with the gold medal to Spain.

Q: Luis de la Fuente is a coach who places a lot of importance on midfielders. Have you insisted on something special?

A: I knew him from other categories and very well with him. It gives you very good feelings. He hasn’t asked me for anything yet. That I do my football as they usually tell me and try to help the team.

Q: Recapping your senior year. He did not compete for the pandemic for a while and in the summer he won the ‘Youth League’. Did this trophy give you a plus in the development of your career?

A: For me it was very important. The Real Madrid he had never won the ‘Youth league’. Raúl made a very good team, very competitive. It was a plus for the rest of the season.

Q: How is Raúl as a coach?

A: For me it is an example. A coach with character and who demands you every day. You can never lower your arms. It is very important to me because it has helped me a lot, it has given me a lot of advice and it has made me grow as a footballer and as a person.

Q: Are you as strict with certain behaviors as seen from the outside?

A: In the end, they are values ​​that the club must have and he fulfills them to the letter. It is an honor that you fulfill them with us.

Q: A shame to have stayed so close to going up to the Second Division.

A: Yes because it has been a complicated season in which we have had many injuries, casualties with coronavirus, some that we have been up, games in which we have not been able to be the entire squad. It has been difficult, but the work we have done has been very important and we have achieved the goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of the season.

Q: Thanks to that job, you made your debut with Real Madrid. What did you feel when you found out?

A: It was special because the day before I had played 90 minutes with Castilla and I didn’t expect to play that game. When I finished with Castilla they told me that I had to go with the first team to Getafe and it was a dream that I was able to fulfill. I thank Zidane and his entire coaching staff because they made me very happy that day.

Q: And against Cádiz he was released as a headline and his name was repeated in the press and on social networks to praise him. How do you handle this? Do you read these things?

A: I’m not much into looking at newspapers (laughs). If it is true that I read some news, but the first thing I did was call my family because it was a great match, to be with my girl, and in the end I did not pay attention to what could be said. It was a very special day and I wanted to be with my family by my side.

Q: From Raúl it happened to Zidane, another club legend. How has your time with him been?

A: For a footballer, Zidane we all already know what it means. Going up to train with the best players in the world is already an honor because every day you are there you learn something good. The coach helped me and gave me advice.

Q: Do you know if you will have a record with the first team next year?

A: I still don’t know anything, they haven’t communicated anything to me. I am going to focus on the European with the U21, when I finish I will talk to the club and my agent and we will see what will happen.