Bill Gates surprised by recommending these three series during the pandemic

In recent months everything you comment or predict Bill gates becomes news. The founder of Microsoft is a world reference after his past successes when it comes to calibrating the dangers that viruses would have on humanity.

However, not everything is predictions and prophecies in the life of the tycoon. There is also time for lighter subjects, like watching TV.

And we are not talking about brainy scientific documentaries, but about series that we all know and that Gates recommends in these times when it is recommended to stay at home and try to minimize social contacts to stop the last blows of the pandemic.

In an interview with the platform ‘Club House’Was full of praise for two Netflix series, ‘Lupine’ and ‘Modern Family’, and another from Amazon Prime Video, ‘The Americans’.

We suppose that most of them already know them, but for the most clueless we remember that ‘Lupine’ is a French series about the adventures of Arsène Lupine.


Starring Omar sy, the five chapters of its first season were such a success that Netflix He already announced that he was renewing it for a second season that will premiere this summer.

As for ‘Modern family’There is little to say. Completed in 2019 after eleven successful seasons, the acclaimed production portrays the life of a highly unconventional American family. Despite being in the Netflix catalog, you can still see open chapters on Neox.


Finally it’s’The Americans‘, Surely the best of the three. It narrates the life of two Russian spies in the United States in the mid-1980s, in the last stage of the cold war. Highly recommended without a doubt.